Rohling Photography - Meet Jennifer

Hi, I'm  Jennifer (but you can call me Jen)  

Nice to meet you!


- Spending time with my family, it's my favorite thing to do.


- Going to the mountains for the day and riding my ATV with my husband, son, family and friends.  It's always a

   great time getting muddy and splashing through the puddles.  But best of all, you get to go places that are less

   traveled and see God's natural beauty.

- Waking up early and my son jumping in bed with me for some snuggle time.  Kids grow up so fast and I love that

   he still wants to snuggle with his mom.

- Getting compliments from my son that I look nice.  What a way to warm your heart for the day because they are

   genuine compliments.


- Going out for dinner and eating Indian food with a hot chai tea.  YUM!


- Staying in my PJ's on a Saturday, now and then, just binge watching movies all day long and eating junk


- Playing board games with my son and winning, just so he knows what it feels like to loose, and still survive.


- Taking a vacation to someplace new, it's like winning the lottery, you get to try something new every day.

- Spring and Summer seasons because everything is green and colorful.

- I love to celebrate birthdays, because everyone should feel special one day out of the year.  Nothing extravagant,

   just celebrated.



- I love to shop!  Clothes, shoes, house decorations, crafts, plants.... yep, I love it all!


- The greeters at Walmart know me by name.


- I will go shop at Costco in the afternoons when all the sample people are there, especially when I've skipped


- I would rather wear yoga pants and a t-shirt every day, because I love to feel comfy.

- I could eat 2 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies in one sitting, especially if no one is looking.

- I am a slight germaphobe.  I always carry hand sanitizer.

- After washing my car I will totally go out of my way to avoid water on the road to keep my car clean.

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Jennifer Rohling headshot

Photo credit: Sampson Photography

Photo credit: Sampson Photography